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Unidentified Individual Man, in Front of a Crowd (Possibly Part of a Parade), Atop the Platform of a Utility Truck. The Cleveland Transit System.

Imperial Oil Limited Truck in Foreground with Dirigible in Background.

Two Unidentified Gentlemen, Shaking Hands, in Front of Large Fleet of White Tractors. Company Signing is Difficult to Make Out but Appears to Include the Words Moore and Express.

White 3000 Tractor Trailer Flat Bed, Cardinale Shipping, Converted for Use by the American Red Cross, Hoboken Chapter. Possible Parade Float. Two Gentlemen Shaking Hands in Foreground.

White 3000 Specially Designed Lift Truck Featuring Two Men Working on Overhead Trolly Cables.

Fleet of Delivery Trucks with Women in Military Attire Standing Adjacent. Unknown Event.

WA 20's. Vailed Prophet (VP) Fair Parade, St. Louis, MO.

White Model 50 Bus. Excursion Transportation Co. Inc. Paterson, NJ. July, 1922.

White Horse at NY Auto Show.

Early White Truck, Thornton-Claney Lumber Co.

Model 99. Left Front End View, Under Repair. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH .1939.

Model HDS160H, Tandem Axle Tractor with Tandem Axle Logging Trailer. 1942 Ernest Sternberg Collection.

White Truck Serviced on Lift, The CR Co.

Police Vehicle, Possible Prisoner Transportation Truck, with Officers. Oak Park Police No. 1.

White Model 720 Tanker. Jenney Gasoline, Tanker Truck and Fuel Stop Store, Cutter Square.

White Model 54 Bus. Interstate Transit Lines. Omaha, NE. 1927. Print.

Model 52, 174" WB Chassis

Model DC65T, diesel tractor with driver cab and milk tank trailer. White Bros. Milk Co. South Ryegate, VT. April 14, 1952.

White Model 68 Bus. Motor Coach.

White Model 50 Bus. Ridge Road Passenger Lines. Rochester, NY. 1923.

WC art. Chassis.

Homestead Bread; Oakland CA

Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

Model 731, Showing Cab, 3/4 front view