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White Model 40 Touring Car. Glacier Park Transportation Co. 1913-1917.

Model unknown, tandem axle straight truck cab and chassis. 1940. Factory photo.

White Trucks The Bailey Co Cleveland Ohio.

White Freightliner double trailer, Cantlay & Tanzola.

White 1500 lb LE Walk Bros Pittsburgh, Pa. Greenfields Delatour Chocolates.

White Model 20 Buses. Suburban Transportation Co. Seattle, Wash. June 1929.

White Trucks. Abbotts Dairy, 3000 Dairy Show, Stlantiv City Oct, 1948.

Model Unknown. Cardox Fire Truck Driver's Panel. Factory Photo, 1953.

Model 812, R. H. Macy's & Co, New York, NY.

The White Motor Company Office and Sales Building, Rendering.

AV Robinson Milk &Cream, Roselindale, MA, 119. Reverse Image.

White Model 722 Platform Truck Engine. Establishment Cornelissen & Stakgold, S A , Antwerp, Belgum.

White Freightliner, Double Trailer. So-Cal Freight Lines.

White Trucks. The Bailey Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

Early White Truck, Inserted Into and/or Altered Within the Image.

WA-114, American Airlines Nashville, TN Neg.

Barely Visible Truck, Presumably Military-Related, Surrounded by Many Young Men. Perhaps a ROTC Gathering, Recruitment or Training Session with Uniformed Man at Center.

White Truck, Chain Belt Co. REX, Milwaukee, WI Being Loaded with Gears.

White Truck, Genesee Brewing Company Inc., Rochester, NY. Inexplicably Surrounded by Flower Arrangements.

White Truck Loaded with Tractors, Diamond Transportation System, Parked in Front of White Motor Company Facility.

White Truck, Allied Van Lines, Chicago, IL.

Early White Truck, The Sherwin-Williams Co., Newark, NJ.

Early White Truck Image Featuring Man Unloading Burlap Sacks of Material, The Cuyahoga Builders' Supply Company.

Specialized White Truck and Worker of Unknown Purpose, Perhaps Agricultural in Nature. Artistic Image, Ground Level View Against Sunrise/Sunset.

White Advertising & Promotional Image with Tractor Surmounted by Two Hands Holding Nut & Bolt Hardware; Likely to Suggest Quality Construction.