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White Model 798 Bus. Capital Transit.

31761A Factory. Installing Rear Axle Onto Spring Suspension in Special Jig, Autocar Factory, Ardmore, PA. 1955.

White Model 788 Bus (Highway Coach). The Hudson Bus Transportation Co, Inc. Asbury Park, Jersey City. 1938

Model U50, Straight Truck with Deluxe Cab and Van Body. H. J. Dowd Co. Inc. Cambridge, MA. May 17, 1951.

White WC Series. WB 28.

The White Motor Co, Factory Branch.

Model DC20064SNHRBS, Heavy Duty Tandem Axle Diesel with Deluxe Cab. Gerosa Hauling Corp. New York City, NY. January 28, 1952.

White Pickup Truck. White Motor Co., Cleveland, OH.

White Model 798 Bus. Chicago Surface Line.

Model 99 with 4 Section Rear Doors with 4 Windows, Half Open. February 12, 1940. No Negative.

Street/Parking Lot Scene, Possible White Facility.

31190E Model A10264, Long Wheelbase Tandem Axle diesel Cab and Chassis. Factory Photo.

Model C70TS, Tractor with Driver Cab and Tandem Axle Frazier Tank Trailer. Massena Oil Terminal Inc. Massena, NY. November 16, 1953.

Fleet of Davis Bread Co. White Horses. 1940.

White Model 798 Bus. Shell Oil Inc. February, 1948.

Model C70T, tractor with Fruehauf van trailer. Wilhelm. October 9, 1946.

Model 99 3/4 left front view with driver walking towards house. Spang's Baking Co. Cleveland, OH. 1940. No negative.

White Model 788 Bus. Inter City New Jersey New York Lines.

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Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

White Bus Model 800M, Bender Body Coach. July, 1939

White 2 ton. Lowell and Lawrence Auto Rapid Transit Line. Lowell, MA. 1914.

Model GD145H, tandem axle straight truck with tank body. Cities Service Oils circa 1940. Ernest Sternberg collection.

White Model 782 Bus. Super Power. Century Transit Co.

Model C20064S, tandem axle tractor with tandem axle dolly and tandem axle lowboy trailer. Frank W. Hake. Philadelphia, PA.