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Model C70S, straight trucks with driver cabs and stake bodies. Oliverio Puerto S. Manizales, Colombia. October 9, 1951.

White Model 702, Logging, Dimond Match Co, Butte Meadows, CA

Model U50, COE straight truck with 6-man cab and stake side body built by Barbor Vehicle Co. of Natick, RI. Joseph Lassonde. Fall River, MA. December 28, 1939.

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White 59, Truck, Check Tractor File

White Model 798 Buses on Finishing Line. Chicago Service Line.

31392B Model DC7366, tandem axle 6 wheel drive diesel cab and chassis. Factory photo.

Model A10264, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle American van trailer. Midland Cooperatives Inc. Minneapolis, MN.

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Model CL65T, tractor with driver cab and tandem axle pole trailer. Bell Transportation Co. Houston, TX. November 18, 1953.

White Model 788 Bus, highway coach. Shore Bus Co. Owner pictured. March, 1939.

24A engine front 1947

Model K-162, straight truck with custom moving van body. Frank Baker. St. Louis, MO. July 27, 1951.

Model 630 Dump Department of Correction; Aubun Prison

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31339E Model DC9364, tandem axle diesel straight truck with special Smith cement body. Rae Construction Co. Inc. Charlotte, NC.

Special Seat for White Horse.

Model DW14, straight truck with moving van body. E.W. Miller. Oak Park, IL. Ernest Sternberg collection.

Model RWS235H, tandem axle tractor with tandem axle logging trailer loaded with machinery. Haley & Haley. Valsetz, OR. Ernest Sternberg collection.

WC 20 Fire Engine Export for Paz De Rio Testing Fire Equipment Body Central; St Louis MO

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Model DC75T, tandem axle diesel tractor with 5000 gallon tandem axle Fruehauf tank trailer. J. J. Shea. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

White 1500 Lb Wardrobe Laundry Co Los Angeles Ca

Model 705 O F Brights Trucks Line Huston Texas

390A White gas engine used by Autocar, right side view. Factory photo. December 1954.