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Model 61 Ohio Public Service Co Mansfield, OH

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Model 701 French Bread Co Cleveland, Ohio

Model 162; Garbage Monticello Sanitation Co Monticello NY

Model 720 Dump D55 High Lift Hoist

Frame Model 641 168" W B

Model 702 United Farmers Company Assn Inc Boston, Massachutsettes Copy

Model 702 C B Porter Co Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Copy

Model 702 Swift & Co Boston, Massachusettes Copy

Model 702 Coca-Cola Co Cincinati, Ohio Copy

Model 612 City of Baltimore Wood Hoist & Body

Model 641 H G Goelitz Co Oak Park IL

Model 701/2 United Air Cleaner

Model 701/702 Air Cleaner

10B transmission; diagram RPS 11-20

10b Transmission Dreawing RPS-11-20 Neg Only

Model 640 w/ Car C Julius Gausson; Drive away The Dallas/ Portland Ore Neg

U S Tennesee Valley Authority

U S Tennesee Valley Authority

Model Fleet Photo Adolf Gobel Inc

U S Tennesee Valley Authority

WHittle SPrings Water Co Knoxville TN

White 1500 lb Truck Whittle SPrings Water Co Knoxville, Tenn

White 1500 lb Truck Whittle Springs Water Co , Knoxville TN

Model 702 Southestern Express Copy