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Model 55, Garbage, City of Cleveland

Model 55 Garbage Truck, City of Cleveland, Straight On Right

MOdel 55, Garbage Truck, City of Cleveland

Model 642- Dump Metropolitan Coal Co Boston, Mass

White Model 643, SW Dump Metropolitan Coal Co , Boston Scanned original print, negative damaged

1931 White Model 212 - SW 75

Chassis diagram for model 611 and 612

Model 612; Stake Truck Columbia Meal Co Chicago, IL

Model 612 Close up of front axle

Model 612 Propeller Shaft Brake & Booster

Rear Axle 10C Hydraulic

Front Axle; Model 630 6D Hydraulic

Front axle 6D air brake

Propeller Shaft Brake

White Bus Model 54A. Negative.

Model 643, Terminal Trucking Co , Boston, MA

Model 643 SW, Export Dept Neg adn

Model 643 SW, Export Dept Neg adn

Model 643 SW, Export Dept Neg and

Testimonial Letter - Johnston Bros Contraction Co Portland, Oregon

Model 643 SW, Expot Dept Neg and

Model 211 212 61 611 612 612 Front Axle Hydraulic Brakes

Model 60K drawing of brake and booster

Model 643 SW, 410 Chassis, Bowman Dairy, Chicago Neg and

Model 63 Weatherprof Corp