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White Model 65 Bus. The Ward Way. 1929.

5 TON,

Model 58 Dump Cambridge Masons Supply Co

Model 60 Express Chase Express CO, Boston, Mass

Oil Painting Model 52 DUmp with Goodyear Tires

Model 59 Tractor with Trailer Bordens

Model 60 Delivery Hartford New Co Hartford, Conneticut

Model 60 Delivery, New England News Co Boston Mass

Model 20A Ryan Carting Co Rochester NY

Model 58 Covered Stake Burke and McHugh Carting Co

65 Chassis

Model 59 Truck Chassis, Owned by M DeJonge NY

White Model 54 Bus. De Camp Bus Lines. New York.

MOdel 51A with Cab

Model 51, CAB

Model 56R Tank Export chassis

Model 56 - R Tank Export chassis

White Model 54 Bus. Union Pacific Stage. Print.

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Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

Model 45 City of New York; Street cleaning Dept NYC

Model 45 City of New York Street Cleaning Dept NYC

Model 59 Tractor, Motor Mileage Corp Philadelpohia, Pa

Model 53 Metro - Golden Mayer

White Model 53 Bus. Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Sound Recording on Wheels. 1929