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White 5 Ton Truck City of Binghampton, NY

Model 65-3A1 Oil pan off showing crankshaft

CIty of Binghamton NY

Model 65 Engine 3A1 Valve Rockers

Indianapolis Abatoir Co, Indianapolis Ind

Model 65 engine 3A1 Combustion Chaimber & Head

Model 65 Engine 3A1 Mechanical dasoline pump, carburator, and heater

Model 51A, The Kroger Grocery and Baking Co

White Bus 2 ton. R H D. Hugo Foerster. Brecksville, OH. 1922.

Model 56 The Fairmont Creamery Co

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Model 56 Tank Imperial Oil Co Ltd

Model 56 Tank Imperial Oil Co Ltd

Model 15B Boston Laundry Co

Model 51A, Walkup Drayage and Warehouse Co

Model 60 The Annapolis Dairy Products Co

Model 51A, the Kroger Grocery and Bakery Co

Model 61 Stake Owned by Rudman & Scofield N Y C

Model 56 Boston Elevated Railway Co Boston, Mass

Model 20, Arlington Mass,

No Info

Model 57 6 Wheels Straight On Left

Model 15, Bureau, Commercial, Economics Inc

Model 60, SPringfield Police Dept

Model 52 Tractor and Trailer, Chicago, North Shore, and MIlkwaukee RR