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Model 59 Hershey chocolate orp

Model 59, Hershey Chocolate Corp

Model 59, Hershey Chocolate Corp

White Model 54 Bus. Union Pacific Stage Co.

Model 60 Actress Sitton on Fender

White Model 54 Bus. Brown Body.

Model 51A Chassis

White model 61; Stake body wash drawing. 1929

White 5 Ton, Pillsburg Flour Mills Co Cleveland OH

MOdel 51 Tank, Sun Oil Co

Model 52, State of Arkansas, Highway Dept

Model 51A, Telephone Truck

Model 51A, Telephone Fruck

Model 15B

Model 20 A,

Model 54, Chassis Retouched 3/4 Front Left

Model 59 Milk Tank, Bowmans Diary

Model with Tank, Bowman Dairy Co

Model 51A Stake, Beacon Oil Co

Model 56 Boston Forwarding and Transfer Co Boston

Model 56 Stake Body The Collier Barnett Co Toledo, Ohio

Model 60, Chassis

White Trucks HH Hadder & Cp, Oakland

White 3 Ton, Truck THe Villson Ave Lumber Co

Model 60 Coca Cola 78 Casebody