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White Model 788 Bus. Rockland Coaches. "Visit New York World's Fair".

Model C6564, tandem axle straight truck with driver cab and dump body. Bellocchio Salt Service. Chicago, IL.

White Model 788 Bus (Highway Coach) Mohawk Coach Lines Hudson River Scenic Route. West Point, New York. Feb 1939

White Model 782 Bus. Franklin Interurban. Nashville, TN.

31640A Model FP5060, pumper truck, rear view. Village of Colonie. Colonie, NY. April 17, 1950.

31808 Model DC66, tandem axle cab and chassis. Ogden plant. Factory photo.

5 Ton, Specifications

Model DC10364SOH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with oil field body. C. H. Thetford. Graham, TX.

Model C50T, tractor with deluxe integral sleeper cab and Fruehauf van trailer. Jack Cole Co. Birmingham, AL. July 25, 1945.

Model C65T, tractor with driver cab and Marion dump trailer. Lund Transportation Co. Falmouth, ME. June 23, 1952.

White Model 15 Bus. WS Yantis. Las Cruces, NM. December, 1922.

31399C Model CK64, tandem axle diesel cab and chassis with half cab. Factory photo.

Model C90D, tractor with deluxe cab and Easton side dump trailer. Warner Co. Philadelphia, PA. January 16, 1952.

Model DCU70TL showing Cummins diesel engine from lower right side. Factory photo Mar 25, 1958

31240A Model A7564T, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle Butler pneumatic trailer. Shipley Transfer. Reistertown, MD.

Model 99 3/4 left front view with driver stepping into truck. Purity Milk Co. Lewistown, PA. 1939.

White Model 782 Bus. Maple Heights Municipal Motor Coach.

Model 99 Fleet of 10 trucks. Hall's Baking Co. Buffalo, NY. 1939. No negative.

Model DC10364SOH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Lynn Sand & Stone Co. Swampscott, MA.

Model DC75TRBB, diesel tractor with driver cab and tandem axle reefer trailer. Thirl Phipps. Huntington, WV. June 6, 1951.

Model DC10264, long wheelbase tandem axle diesel cab and chassis. Factory photo.

White Model 782 Bus. Automatic-Super Power. Chicago Surface Lines. 1940. Negative.

Model A102T, diesel tractor cab and chassis. Factory photo.

Model AP25T, off road tractor with Darby bottom dump trailer. Enos Coal Co.

31630A Model C65S, pumper truck. Merion Fire Co. Ardmore, PA. May 30, 1958.