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White Model 782 Bus. Safeway Transit Co. Wilmington, NC.

AuCr 30288 Model DC9564, tandem axle straight truck with dump body and 5 axle dump trailer. R. S. Hamlin Trucking. South Lyon, MI.

Model AP40, off road dump truck with 40 ton planetary tandem rear axle with 27 yard body. Largest Autocar built. Factory photo. 1957.

Harrisburg Railway Co. 1948.

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Model 99. 3/4 right front view with driver loading bottles into carrier. Producers Dairy Reg'd. Montreal, Quebec. 1939.

Model DC75TL, diesel tractor cab and chassis. Factory photo.

Model 99. 3/4 left front view with driver stepping out of truck. Hawthorn Mellody Farms Dairy, Highland Park, IL.1940

Model U90, built for US Navy, left front of 501 engine with transmission. Factory photo Oct 3,1951

Model 60 Deerfoot Farms Dairy, Southborough Mass

Miniature 3000 kit.

White Bus 3/4 ton. Rear view. Thompson and Smith. Bakersfield, CA. 1915.

Outside Body. Frame. 1948.

Model unknown, diesel straight truck with dump body being loaded by Lorain shovel. Marinucci Bros. Co. Dorchester, MA circa 1951.

White Bus 3/4 ton. Rocky Mountain Parks Transportation Co. Estes Park, CO. Circa 1917.

Model AP25, diesel off road dump truck. Factory photo.

White Model 50 Bus, school bus. R. E. Bevans, owner. Monroe, CT. 1928. Print.

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White Model 782 Bus, super power. Vandalia-St. Louis. Missouri.

White Bus Model 54A. Club Coach.

Semicab, Coca Cola Model 45,

31759C Factory. Marking holes to be drilled in frame rail. Autocar factory, Ardmore, PA. 1955.

Empresas Municipales. Bogota, Colombia. 1951.

31483I Model DC9364, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Petrillo Bros. Inc. Wilmington, DE.

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