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Model 58 SS New York Garbage Dump

White Model 798 Bus. W. M. & A. Motor Lines Inc. Washington, DC.

WH Owned by Sky Chef American Airlines

Model 805, Coakley Bro , Milwaukee, Wis Neg and

Model HC140, straight truck with 4&1/2 yard Heil dump body. F. Generazio. Ernest Sternberg collection.

White Bus Model 53R (old Model 20 bus included in orig photo) Tsukubasan Cable Car Co Tokyo, Japan print

31627C Model F335, pumper truck with deluxe cab. Moutoursville Fire Co. Moutoursville, PA. October 25, 1940.

WB22 Ragnar Bensen Chicago, IL Neg

Model DC10364SOH, tandem axle diesel straight trucks with dump bodies. Morse Sand & Gravel Co. Attleboro, MA.

White Model 798 Bus. Jacksonville, FL.

NBC Television Bus. Used at Dem - Rep. conventions in Chicago. 1952.

Model HB2503D, tractor with tandem axle lowboy trailer loaded with shovel. Bernardo Bros. Contractors. Boston, MA circa 1950. Ernest Sternberg collection.

Model 51, Winch AT&T,

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31203 Model A7564T, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem spread axle tank trailer. Cutler Packaging Corp. Lansing, MI.

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White Model 798 Bus. Body Construction. May, 1945.

Model FD80, tractor with integral sleeper cab built by Metropolitan Body Co. and open topped van trailer. John Gleason. St. Louis, MO. Ernest Sternberg collection.

31202A Model DC7564T, tandem axle diesel tractor. The Via Contracting Co. Richmond, VA.

Model DCU7564, tandem axle diesel cab and chassis. Factory photo.

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Model 99. Driver's compartment of truck involved in a wreck. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH.1939

Model DW20-64, straight truck with special van body. John Peters. Dallastown, PA. Ernest Sternberg collection.

White Bus Model 54A. Vitaphone Sunkissed Chorus. Los Angeles, CA.

Dream Coach, Expo