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31671I Model U90, cab interior with left seat raised. Factory photo. October 26, 1951.

White Model 788 Bus. Boston Elevated Railway. June, 1940.

Model AP25, off road dump truck. Medusa Portland Cement Co. Cleveland, OH.

Model U90, straight truck with deluxe cab and tank body. A. C. Utilities Inc. Cambria. Long Island, NY. December 6, 1951.

Model unknown, Sterling White, long wheelbase tandem axle straight truck with oil field body. Peterson Sales Co. 1953.

Model AP40, tandem axle diesel off road cab and chassis, largest Autocar built. Factory photo.

White Bus Model 805B. Joliet-Plainfield & Aurora Transportation Co. Joliet, IN. 1939.

Model DC10264, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle mobile substation trailer. Southern California Edison Co. Los Angeles, CA.

White Bus 1012. Louisiana Power & Light, interior, front to back. 1940.

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31356D Model DC10264, tandem axle diesel tractors with logging trailers. W. C. McKay Contractors Ltd. Geraldton, Ontario, Canada.

24A engine 1947

White model 720PC chassis, engine left side view

Quick removable cab on U70 and U90 models, left front view of engine with cab removed. Factory photo. June 21, 1951

Model 99 right side of first truck produced, photographed with wrong hubcaps. 1939. No negative.

White WC Series.

Removal - White Horse Engine/Powertrain Unit

White Model 712T. Labatt Brewers, London

White Bus 3/4 ton. Greensburg Transportation Co. Greensburg, PA. 1913.

COE drawing by SAK; 800 Series. 1936

Model 45 Wilson & Co Chicago IL

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Model C90T, tractor with deluxe integral sleeper cab. S. & W. Motor Lines. Greensboro, NC. October 30, 1944.

Dallas Bus Lines.