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WHite Group, THe D Connelly Boiler CO , Cleveland Ohio

1500 Ally Cat; Heil Colectomatic

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Sterling FB-65, straight truck with Century van body. Service Dairy Products. Fred Perkins collection.

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White Model 782 bus. Citizen Bus Lines (Washington)

White Truck Serviceman at Work.

Model 3 & 1/2 Ton Straight Truck with Special Stake Body. Rocco Rizzo Sons & Co. Truck Delivered 8/23/21. Ernest Sternberg Collection.

White 1.5 ton. R. H. D. Left Side View. Portland Hotel. Portland, OR. 1910-1911.

31777A Model Unknown, Truck Leaving Factory with Autocar "Drive-Away" Driver. Factory Photo.

Model 99. 3/4 Right Front View with Driver Stepping Out of Truck with Case of Beer. Dual Rear Wheels. Oertel Brewing Co., Louisville, KY. 1940.

White Horse. Front View. 1947.

White Interior Frame. 1948.

Model U50, Straight Truck with Deluxe Cab and Leech Packmaster Body. City of New Rochelle. New Rochelle, NY. September 26, 1951.

White Shell Petroleum Corporation Truck.

White Model W-20B1. School Bus Chassis.

White Super Power Trucks and Busses Branch or Retail Outlet.

31660 Model DC102, Tandem Axle Diesel Cab and Chassis. Factory Photo.

White Model WB28 Bus Chassis.

White Motor Company. Specifications Document, Negative.

Model DC100T, Tractor with Deluxe Cab and Great Dane Trailer. C. R. Freeman. High Point, NC, February 19, 1947.

Dandee Pretzel, Cleveland, OH. 1954.

White Truck, Par-T-Pak Ginger Ale.

Early White Truck, Northern Indiana Gas & Electric Company.