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Kenworth Black & White Image of Tractor Only in Front of Unknown Truck and Buses Buildings, Image Labeled "Kenworth Truck Company".

Kenworth Interesting Black & White Image of Tractor-Only, Parked in Front of Kenworth Motor Truck Company Building.

Kenworth Black & White Image of Truck Hauling What Appears to be the Bed of a Second Truck, Powell River Products.

Kenworth Reversed Black & White Image of Tractor and Unique Trailer with "Kenworth" Signing in Background. Photograph Labeled JBR.

1970 Freightliner COE owned by Adam Roush

1965 GMC CRACKERBOX owned by Jim Zemlicka

1981 American Dropdeck owned by Jim Zemlicka

1980 Kenworth W-900A owned by Joe Dovico

1988 Marmon COE owned by John George

1976 Fontaine STEP DECK owned by John George

1989 TransKing N/A owned by Jonathan Zemlicka

1995 Peterbilt 379 owned by Kelly Richards

1937 Dodge MF owned by Mark Dozier

1959 Mack H-67 owned by Melvin Dobbins, Jr

1965 White 3000 with 1949 Trailmobile owned by Rick Knox

1996 Kenworth W-900L owned by Robert West

1949 REO SPEEDWAN owned by Sterling Hornoi

1975 Kenworth K-100 owned by Todd Dovico

2001 Transcraft STEP DECK owned by Todd Dovico

1975 Kenworth A-Model owned by Tom Ahrens

1920 Samson S-25 owned by Wendell Stahler

1959 Peterbilt 351 owned by Andrew Ditz

1986 Freightliner FLC owned by Larry Tetzlaff

1966 Hayes H-D owned by Sterling Hornoi

1966 GMC 9500 owned by Wendell Stahler