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White 1500 lb Truck, Woodhouse - Grunbaum Furniture Co Seattle, Washington.

White Model 798 Buses. Chicago Surface Lines. Wrigley Bldg.

White Model 706, The Wagreen Co., Chicago, Ill. Scanned from Original Print, Damaged Negative.

Model S-99-A Right Side View with Door closed Newark Demonstrator, 1941.

Dairymen's Creamery Co, Ashville NC.

22nd Annual Convention of the American Trucking Association.

Model 99; Belle Vernon Co., Canteen Delivery Truck/Van with Delivery Man.

War Dept. Memo from Major General L. H. Campbell Jr., Chief of Ordinance to Robert F. Black, President of The White Motor Company. Dated March 19, 1945.

Curtiss Service Truck Pictured with Two Early Propeller-Driven Airplanes. St. Louis Robin. 1.

White Model 718, Watson Bros. Transportation Co., Omaha, NE. Scanned from the Original Print, Negative is Damaged.

Model 788. US Mail Highway Post Office, Circa 1942.

White Super Power Tractor Trailer, The Eavey Company Truck & Building.

The Mason-Dixon Lines Tractor Trailer, Kingsport, Tenn. Professional Photograph.

Early White Model 15, 1927. Thomas Fruit Company.

White Tractor with Trailer, Spector Freight Systems, Chicago, IL. Men in Suits Posing in Foreground. Damaged Photo.

White Cement Mixer Truck Image Set Against Industrial Background. Cleveland Builders Supply, OH.

Early White Truck Unloading, William Leavens & Co. Inc., Furniture. Boston, MA.

Early Good Year Truck with Four Men Posing in Foreground and Interstate Auto & Supply Co. Building & Sign in Background.

Display Featuring Two White Trucks or Tractors with Sold Signs, Posters, Flower Arrangements and American Flags; Presumably in Conjunction with an Unknown Event, Possibly Charitable.

Professional or Factory Image Demonstrating Slide Gauge; Apparently Designed to Calculate the Relationship Between Horsepower, Weight, Speed, Gears and Incline Grade.

White Publication Advertisement Featuring Artwork/Rendering of Road Construction in Newfoundland. "For More Than 40 Years the Greatest Name in Trucks."

Image of a Patriotic Military Parade Featuring a Military Vehicle with a Banner which reads, "The White Motor Co. Salutes the U.S. Navy and Their Coordinated Sea Power."

Group Portrait of Military Personnel, Troop or Company on the Stairs of The White Company General Offices.

White Mustang Power Animated Image of Western Scene Featuring Truck, Driver, Passenger and Horses.

Unidentified Individual Man, in Front of a Crowd (Possibly Part of a Parade), Atop the Platform of a Utility Truck. The Cleveland Transit System.