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Model 99. Driver showing young lady the engine compartment. Davis Perfection Bakeries, Los Angeles, CA.1940

White Horse Welding Tests

Model S-99-A 3/4 left front view of 2 trucks sitting in front of the Rice Hotel Laundry building. Rice Hotel Laundry. Houston, TX. 1941.

White Horse Misc. Dem & Tests. White Horse Demonstration. Negative only.

City Ice and Fuel Co.

Elimination of unnecessary parts

Model 99. Interior of left rear corner in primer. Mutual Milk Co., IN.1940.

White Horse model 116, Deluxe Box Lunch & Catering Co. Los Angeles, CA.

Model 99. 3/4 right front view of truck with driver carrying case of bread to Grocery Store. Ward Baking Co., Chicago, IL.1940

Model S-99-A 3/4 right front view with driver stepping out of truck carrying milk. Borden's Milk. Blue Point L. I., NY. 1941.

Cleveland News, Press, Plain Dealer

Cleveland News, Press

Model S-99-A Left side view with door closed. Newark Demonstrator. 1941. No negative.

Briarcliff Diaper Service. Atlanta, GA.


Model 51 Stake Body. Dave's Black Horse.

White Horse - Ad.

Sweitzer Creamery

Model 65A. Horse Van. Harry Payne Whitney.

Model 65A. Horse Van. High damage negative.

Model 731, Man working on engine

White Horse; close up of front

White model 731 - Bodies - Van.

Model 731 tank, Doyle Texico, 3/4 front

1939 White Horse announcement and the magazines it will appear in.