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Page one of White Horse test.

White Horse welding under frame, Lincoln Welder

White Horse. Thalheimer's. Richmond, VA. Negative only.

Model 116, American Rug Laundry, Minneapolis, MN

Fehr's Brewing Co. Jefferson, KY

White Horse Standard. Unit, Conventional Controls. Negative only.

Model S-99-A 3/4 left front view with driver sitting milk on the doorstep. Borden's Milk. Blue Point L. I., NY. 1941.

Model 99. Driver showing young lady selection of products. Davis Perfection Bakeries, Los Angeles, CA.1940.

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Model S-99-A 3/4 right front view with driver stepping out of truck with case of milk. Dairymen's Ohio Farms Milk. Cleveland, OH. 1941.

Model 99 3/4 left front view with driver walking towards house. Clover Products, CA. 1941.

Model 99 rear view showing stabalizer bar. 1939. No print.

White Horse Model 116. Retail Merchants Delivery. Columbus, OH.

Model 116, The American Bakeries Co.; Atlanta, GA

Model 99. Left side view with driver making delivery. Liberty Milk Co. Buffalo, NY. 1939.

Model 99-A Stand and drive model. Looking straight ahead from behind the driver's position. 1941. No negative.

Model 99 right side view of driver's compartment. 1939.

Model S-99-A 3/4 left front view with driver stepping out of truck with 2 bottles of milk. Tuscan Farm Products Co. Union, NJ. 1941.

Model S-99 3/4 right front view with driver loading a case of beer into the truck. National Breweries. Panama. 1941.

White Golf Balls.

1946. White Horse.

White Horse Presentation

Model 99. Spot welding braces into the roof panels. Factory, 1939.

Model 99. 3/4 left front view with standing driver. Oscar Ewing & Sons. Louisville, KY. 1939. Negative, no print.

White Horse 116; Stix, Baer & Fuller.