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White Horse model 116H; Kresge Dept. Store. Newark, NJ.

White Horse 116, Showing Seat and Door. Negative only.

R. P. Thoyre. Roxbury, MA.

Model 99. Right front view. Jacob Laub Baking Co. Cleveland, OH. 1939.

Model 99 3/4 left front view with driver making delivery. Helms Bakeries. Los Angeles, CA. 1941.

Perfection Bakeries

Joseph Home and Co. Pittsburgh, PA.

Model 54, Horse Van. Harry Payne Whitney. 3 Views in 1.

White Horse. Sulitzer Dairy Action View with side retouched to say "The White Horse".

Model 99. Left to right, O. A. Dean, L. R. Scafe, Manager of White Horse Division. Morse and Roesh O. A. Dean Dairy Co. Cleveland, OH. 1939. No negative.

White Horse used for fire emergency truck.

Model S-99-A 3/4 left front view with driver making a delivery at house door. Rice Hotel Laundry. Houston, TX. 1941.

Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

Model 99. Front view with new front panel in place. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH. 1939

Overhead door control closeup

1946 White Horse. Interior close up shot.

White Horse, With Extended Tech and Dual Rear Tires

Pillsman Brewing Co.

White Horse Model 200. Showing power unit. Negative only.

White Horse. 1947.

Model 99. Right side view of drain trough and pipe for the bottom of the cargo compartment. Telling Belle Vernon Milk Co., Cleveland, OH.1940

Home Laundry Co.

Model 99 with roll up rear door down. June 9, 1939. Negative.

Building Maintenance, Service Inc.

White Horse model S111A. Lagendorf Bakery. San Francisco, CA