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Model 99 3/4 left front view with driver leaving truck Hathaway Bakeries, Roxbury, MA 1941

John F. Farrell, Florist, Inc.

White Horse. Utility truck.

Model 99. 3/4 Right Front View with Driver Stepping Out of Truck with Case of Beer. Dual Rear Wheels. Oertel Brewing Co., Louisville, KY. 1940.

White Horse. Front View. 1947.

Model 200. Coca-Cola Demonstrator. Negative Only.

H Gordon and Sons, Gary, Ind

Perfection Bakeries - Girl entering White Horse

Model S-99 Left Front View with Driver Standing Beside Truck Radways Dairy, New London, CT 1941.

White Horse welding

Merchants Delivery, Dayton OH

City Ice and Fuel Co. At Hotel Cleveland

Model 99. 7/8 left side view with driver returning to truck. Ward Baking Co. Worchester, MA. 1940.

Lot of White Horses with their Drivers/Owners

White Horse with pie wagon rear door.

White Horse Preventive Maintenance Chart

Cleveland News, Press, Plain Dealer

Model 99. 3/4 left rear view with driver stocking a carrying case with bread for delivery to grocery store. Ward Baking Co., Chicago, IL.1940.

Model 99, Telling Belle Vernon Co. CA.

Union Electric Co of Missouri St Louis, MO

White Horse model 99, Detorit News Co, Detroit Michigan

Model 200. Coca-Cola Demonstrator. Negative only.

White Horse 116. Crystal Laundry. Dayton, OH. Both Doors Open.

Model 99. Group of 3 trucks. Silver Crest Farms Inc., Elmhurst, L.I., NY.1940

White Horse Drawing, Davis Bakeries (Perfection)