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White Document Entitled "Truck Markets And Most Saleable Models (con.)" Which Identifies Specific Model Numbers by the Type of Function, Such as Logging or City Garbage.

Three Unknown Gentlemen in Suits Posing in Front of a White Model 798 Bus. San Francisco, CA.

Interesting Image of a Large Group of What Appears to be White Motor Employees Exiting a Work Facility for the Day. A Sign at the Entrance Reads "The White Motor Company Gate I, 874 East 70th (or Possibly 79th) Street.

1994 White Volvo WIA owned by sean huber

1946 White WB-22 owned by Bruce Jung

1958 White 3000 owned by Bruce Jung

1964 White 9064 TDL owned by Bruce Jung

1976 White ROAD COMMANDER owned by Bruce Jung

1954 White WC-22 owned by J&H Rymes and Daughters Antique Trucks LLC Rymes

1987 White WI-42 owned by David Shanks