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Model 802, COE Cab, Right Side Neg only

Model 818-D, Upper Darby Township Neg and

Model 810 t Tank, American Can Co , N Y C Neg Only

Model 991, Shanta Damm Neg and

Model 805A, Minneapolis Public Library

Model 810T, Silver Fleet Side R

Model 810 T, Silver Fleet, Fleet of Four

Model 810T, COE, Silver Fleet Neg Only

Model 918, 8 cu yd Dump Truck, SD252 Axle Neg and

Model 810T Labatt Brewing Ltd , Streamliner Tractor Trailer Neg and

Model 805, Wallgreen Stores Neg Onle

White Model 720 PC Diesel, Orban Lumber Co; Pasadina, CA

Model 802, Fair State Cincinnati, Ohio Neg ONly

Model 918, Dump, Commercial Trucking Co , Chicago Neg and

Model 810 T, Centeral Trucking lines Neg only

Rear Axle 34 Ch, 2 Speed

Model 920, E L Powell & Sons, Tulsa, Okla Neg and

Model 918, Canada Buildint Supply CO , Toronto, Canada Neg and

Model 818, Flusher, City of Kansas City Neg only

Stearing Cab Neg Only

Model 918, Oakland Sand And Gravel Co , Neg and

Model 820, Texico Tank, 3/4 Front Neg and

Model 820, Texico Tank, Side R Neg Only

Model 820, Texico Tank, 3/4 Rear Neg Only

Model 802, Texico Tank, 3/4 Rear Neg ONly