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Model 810, Garbage truck, 3/4 Rear Body Up Neg and

Model 810, Garbage Truck, Body Up, 3/4 Front Neg and Print

Model 800, Armin Gravel Supply Co , Neg and

MOdel 800, Toledo Blade Neg Only

Model 805, C Rice Packing Co , Interior of Truck, Ky Neg and

White model 800M; chassis, engine in frame

Model 802, Carolina Packing Co , Orangeburg, S C Neg ONly

Model 818, Gas Tanker, Lina Penn Neg only

Model 750 T, St Jonesbury trucking CO Neg and

White Bus model 805; Engine Municipal Water and Power plant, Oregon

Model 922, Arabia Neg and

MOdel 800, Bill Bro Dairy , New York Neg ONly

Model 918, Western Motor Service , Chicago Neg and

Model 802, Acme Paper Box Co , East Boston Neg and

Model 818, Public Service of New Jersey, Side View Neg Only

Model 922, Aniathe Perto Co of Venezuela, Neg and

Model 922, Asiahe Petr Co of Venesula, neg and

Model 800, Huntzler Bros, Baltimore, 3/4 Rear

Model 800, Huntzler Bros, Baltimore, Drivers Seat Neg Only

Model 991 Chassis, 462 rear Axle Neg Only

Model 991, Chassis, 462 Rear Axle Neg and

White 900 Series Chassis

Model 991, Chassis, 462 Rear Axle Neg only

Model 991 Chassis with 42" rear axle Neg ONly

Model 904, Can Diego Cal Sandiedo Navy Air Base, Crash Wagon Neg adn