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Model 731; milk truck Hershey Corp

Model 731 Walker Freight Service Inc

Model 718, Ralston - Purina Co , St Louis, Mo

Model 691 SW, M W A K , Coulee Dam, Wash Neg and

Model 718 Chassis

White - Standard, model 704 - Chassis

Model 730, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Newark N J

Miscellaneous Factory View, Eng Dept - Tearing down Model 704 after testing in Penns Mountains

White 600 Series dump truck

Model 621K Persian Oil Co

Model 691, Dump, Coulee Dam, wash Neg and

Model 621K American Stores Inc Philadelphia, PA

Model 706 The United Motor Stage Co

White Model 706 - Lincoln Transit, Co , Zanesville, Ohio Scanned from original print, negative was damaged

White Model 706, Lincoln Transit Co , New York City

White Model 706, Lincoln Transit Co , New York City

Magee Bros Coal Co Inc , Philadelphia, Pa

Model 704

Model 718, The Petrol Corp, Philadelphia, Pa

Model 631 Younger Bros Huston, TX

Model 631 Younger Bros Huston TX

Model 643, Public Service Electric & Gas Co , Newark, N J Neg and

Model 701, City of Shaker Heights

Model 718 Tank, Tidewater Oil Company, New York City

Model 691, Pyramid Coal Corp