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Bender Body Co. Factory #1 press brake operation. Jan. 22, 1935

Group, City Of Cleveland, Dept of Public Util.

The Bender Body Co. Factory.cold riveting underframe assembly.Jan. 22, 1935

The Bender Body Co. Factory.Assembly jig for roof.Jan. 22, 1935

The Bender Body Co. Factory.Overview of press room.Jan. 22. 1935

The Bender Body Company Factory, #3 Bus line for White Model 684 engine hoist. 1935

Model 713 Chassis, 7/8 Front Right View

Model 731 Chassis.

Model 731 Chassis.3/4 rear

Model 731, Chassis with Cab

Model 731, Chassis, Front

Model 731, Chassis Interior of Cab

Model 731 Chassis

Model 731, Chassis, Without Cab

Model 731, Chassis, Without Cab

Model 731, Chassis. 7/8 Front l. View, Without Cab

Model 731.engine Left side

Model 731 Chassis.High view of engine

Model 641 K Chassis.3/4 Right view

Model 641 K Chassis.3/4 left view

Model 641K right side view

Model 641K Chassis.3/4 rear right view

Model 641K Chssis.Low View of Axle

Model 641 K Chassis .High View of Axle.

Model 731, Chassis, High Close up of Stearing, Without Cab