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31797 Model DC64F, Tandem Axle Cab and Chassis. Ogden Plant. Factory Photograph.

White Trucks Paint Specification Chart for "Natchez" (No. 7A).

White 5-Ton Bus. Sight-Seeing Company. San Antonio, TX. 1912-1913.

Model C90D, Tractor with Deluxe Cab. Factory Photo. October 21, 1947.

Sterling 20410J Model T 26, 12 Ton, 8 Wheel Drive Truck on Army Field Test. US Army Photo Circa 1945.

Model Unknown, Back of Cab of Power Shovel Chassis.

24A Engine, Left Front, 1947. Engine only.

Model DC9964OHNES, Tandem Axle Diesel Tractor with Tandem Axle Lowboy Trailer. Theo. C. Bean Inc. Easton, PA. Hauling a Backhoe.

White Model 788 Bus. Inter-City New Jersey New York Lines. 1939.

White Bus. White Transportation Co. Lake County Resorts. Calistoga, CA.

White Horse Utility Trucks. Front View.

White Model 54 Bus. Utah Parks Co. Union Pacific Overland System. Coal Canyon.

Model C70S, straight truck with driver cab and tank body. Malcolm Canner. Long Island City, NY. November 5, 1951.

Model 805, Sleeper Cab Neg Only

Sterling 20422A Model 2 1/2 ton Sternberg, cab and chassis. First conventional Sternberg truck. Factory photo. 1915.

White Model 798 Buses. San Francisco RR.

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5 TON, David Lupton's and Sons Co, Philadelphia PA,

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31399A Model CK64, tandem axle diesel cab and chassis with half cab. Factory photo.

31483K Model DC9364, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Petrillo Bros. Inc. Wilmington, DE.

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31531 Model DC10264, tandem axle diesel tractor with logging trailer. Joe J. Rossi & Co. Inc. Fort Bragg, CA. July, 1951.

Model unknown, tandem axle tractor with tandem axle reefer trailer. Western Truck Lines.

Model C9764SOH, long wheelbase tandem axle cab and chassis (may be mislabeled). Factory photo.