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Model straight truck with driver cab and Gar Wood dump body. Charles Todesca. Roslindale, MA. March 1954.

White Horse Engine

Model U90, straight truck with deluxe cab and tunnel flushing tank body. Port of New York Tunnel Authority, NY. February 28, 1952.

Specifications TBC,

White Model 788 Bus. Waukegan North Chicago.

Model A10464LS, long wheelbase tandem axle diesel tractor with logging trailer. Douglas Veneer Co. Roseburg, OR.

Model unknown. Cardox Fire Truck Electric wiring right rear side. Factory photo. 1953.

WC wood. Model.

Autocar engine model U90, built for US Navy, left front of 501 engine. Factory photo. Oct 3, 1951

Wells Fargo Express

Model C9764SOH, long wheelbase tandem axle straight truck with drilling rig body. Miller & Co. Overton, TX.

Model DC102TL, diesel tractor with tandem axle dump trailer. Exner Sand & Gravel Co. Bronx, NY.

White Model 788 Bus, city coach. Eastern Massachusetts. 1939.

White Model 788 Bus. Inter-City Transportation Co. Inc. "Miss Glenrock".

White Model 782 Bus. Louisiana Power and Light.

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White Model 60 Bus. 1929.

Model DC102T, standard diesel chassis. Factory photo. January, 1956.

Model 211 Coca Cola

Model HB14027D, special open cab and chassis with chain drive behind rear axle. Built for underground mine. Ernest Sternberg collection.

Model C70TS, tractor with deluxe cab and Fruehauf tandem axle van trailer. Western Express. January 29, 1948.

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Model S-116A Forest Fawn Memorial Park, Glendale CA

Quick removable cab on U70 and U90 models, right side of engine with cab removed. Factory photo. June 21, 1951