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1973 Mack FS-795LST Owned by Ed Shelton

1982 Mack RW-722ST Owned by Ed Shelton

1988 Mack Superliner Owned by H Winston McHenry

1975 Dodge C-800 Owned by John Kessler

1977 Kenworth W-900A Owned by Bob Davis

1961 Ford H-950 Owned by Bob Davis

1987 Mack R-690ST Owned by Jeff Godlove

1952 Ford F-5 Owned by Brian Omps

1940 Autocar U-70 Owned by Mike Knaub

1978 Kenworth W-900A Owned by David Strickland

1972 Peterbilt 359 Owned by David Strickland

1965 Kenworth W-923 Owned by Jason Carter

1977 Ford LTL Owned by David Strickland

2002 Peterbilt 379 Owned by Josh Bennett

1969 Mack R-685T Owned by Jim Schaffer

1979 Ford F-350 SCS Owned by Ed Shelton

1985 Mack RW-613 Owned by Winston McHenry

1983 Autocar AT-64 Owned by David Strickland

1985 Peterbilt 359 EXHD and 1981 Utility Reefer Owned by Mike Rusek

1986 Ford LTL-9000 owned by John Eller II.

1951 Mack LJ Owned by Mike Knaub

1981 Peterbilt 359 Owned by Peter Northrop

1989 Ford LTL-9000 Owned by Nathan Marks

1987 Peterbilt 362 Owned by Mitch Mounsey

1984 Mack MH613 Owned by Hans Remmers