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1938 Ford B-COMMERCIAL owned by Gary Mahan

1940 Mack BF owned by Gary Mahan

1926 Mack AB DUMP TRUCK owned by Greg Nuss

1933 Mack CJ owned by Greg Nuss

1959 Mack B-815 owned by Greg Nuss

1954 White WC-22 owned by J&H Rymes and Daughters Antique Trucks LLC Rymes

1968 Kenworth K-100 owned by James swendrzynski

1958 GMC 600 owned by Jason Pierson

2020 Utility VAN owned by Jim Sercombe

1975 Dodge BIG HORN owned by Jim Sercombe

2017 Kenworth W-900L owned by Jody Pilz

1966 Peterbilt 281 owned by John Jennings

1955 Diamond-T 630HT owned by Joseph Swendrzynski

1955 Diamond-T 630HT owned by Joseph Swendrzynski

1952 GMC 900 owned by Kenneth Grove

1959 GMC 860 owned by Kenneth Grove

1976 GMC 9500 owned by Kenneth Grove

1964 Peterbilt 351 owned by Kenneth Grove

1975 Chevrolet C-65 owned by Kenneth Grove

1933 Chevrolet 1 Ton owned by Larry Tetzlaff

1969 Kenworth A-Model owned by Lyle Wilson

2007 Peterbilt 379 owned by Lyle Wilson

2020 Peterbilt 389 owned by Lyle Wilson

1966 Hendrickson BD-425 owned by Mark McCullough

1974 Swartz Lowboy owned by Mark McCullough