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White Trucks, Bradley-Mahony Co Inc NYC

Group, Greenpoint FIre Brick CO III Clay St Brooklyn NY

Group, Adolf Gobel Brooklyn, NY

White 5 Ton Truck, Alex Campbell Milk Co Brooklyn NY

White Trucks, The Grote-Rankin Co Seattle Washington

Group AI Namm, and Son, Brooklyn, NY

White Bus 3/4 ton. The White Co. New York, NY. 1916-1919.

Nat Analine Chem Co

Nat Analine Chem Co Stake 3 Ton

Vulcan Rail and Construction Co Brooklyn NY

White 3 Ton Truck, Henry Meyer, Brooklyn NY



WHite 5 Ton Truck, The Empire State Dairy Co Brooklyn NY

AuCr 30027 Model unknown, tractor with Fruehauf open top trailer Long Transportation Co , New York

AuCr 30004 1898 Phaeton with 1 cylinder engine under seat Ed Minshall Jr collection print

Model C8544, 4 wheel drive cab and chassis Niagara Mohawk Power Corp , Albany, NY 1959

AuCr 30010 Early model with 2 cylinder engine Crew Levick Co donated by Elliot Kahn, 1982

Model Type 18? Tim Vogel's Stage Line, Haines, Alaska donated by Elliot Kahn, 1982

Model DC10062, tandem axle tracxtor with Fruehauf van trailer L R Elliott Trucking Co Mar 26, 1941

Model AP40, off road dump truck with 40 ton planetary tandem rear axle and 27 yard dump body. Largest Autocar built. Factory photo. 1957.

30242A Model DC100TN, tractor with deluxe cab and Fruehauf trailer. Johnson Motor Lines. Charlotte, NC. December 13, 1948.

Autocar DC-7384, four axle diesel straight truck with twin steer axles and City dump body. Fred E. Wilds. Pittsburgh, PA.

31309N Model DC10364SOH, tandem axle diesel tractor, lower left side view. Gerosa Haulage & Warehouse Corp. New York.

White Busses Model 15-45 (Mail Cars) Rocky Mountain Parks Transportation Co Estes Park, CO 1920 neg (two views)