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31237F Model AP19, long wheelbase tandem axle diesel cab and chassis, largest Autocar built. Arizona Public Service Co. Farmington, NM. 1962.

31290C Model DW10264, long wheelbase tandem axle diesel straight trucks with oil field bodies. Getter Trucking Inc. Gillette, WY. July 13, 1964.

Model C9064, tandem axle straight truck with driver cab and Rehberger Unloader body. Multiplex Concrete Co. East Orange, NJ. August 10, 1951.

31458H Model DC9564T, tandem axle diesel straight truck with dump body and 4 axle dump trailer. N. H. Albers. Detroit, MI. June 6, 1962.

31571 Model unknown, tandem axle diesel tractor with integral sleeper cab and reefer trailer, sitting on scale with driver talking to Highway Patrol Officer. Hygrade Food Products. Detroit, MI.

31598B Model unknown, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle 3 box TEC side dump trailer circa 1950. Photo from Truck Engineering Corp.

31600 Model DC100NT, tandem axle diesel tractor with deluxe cab with reefer trailer. Truck cost $11,426. 81 Missouri Valley Trans. Co. Sioux City, IA circa 1950.

31606A Models unknown, 4 Autocars and 1 Freightliner tandem axle diesel tractors display by the De Bon Motor Co. Eureka, CA at a Redwood Region Logging Conference.

31767B Factory. Spot welding panels to cab frame from outside of cab.

31767C Factory. Roofs being installed on cabs.

31767D Factory. Installing drip rail around top of cab.

31767F Factory. Caulking drip rail.

31767G Factory. Finished drip rail.

31767H Factory. Installing interior on back of cab.

31769A Factory. Assembling wiring harness on a bench.

31769G Factory. Installing the windshield glass.

31769H Factory. Building a seat cushion.

31770A Factory. Nearly finished cabs on assembly line.

31770C Factory. Finished interior.

31770E Factory. Lowering finished cab down on chassis.

31771A Factory. Showing the fixture used to mount tires.

31771B Factory. Balancing tire and wheel.

31771C Factory. Mounting wheels and tires on chassis.

31772B Factory. Adding fuel before leaving assembly line.

31773C Factory. Diesel tractor leaving the assembly line.