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Model S-99 3/4 left front view with driver stepping out of truck Cloverleaf Dairy, Salt Lake City, UT 1941

Model 99-A Stand and drive model Looking at the driver's position from the right side Seat folded up 1941

White Horse Demonstrator.

White Model 116 Lunch Box & Catering Co. Los Angeles Calf Scan From

Model 99. Driver's compartment of truck involved in a wreck. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH.1939

White Horse Model 116. J. H. Ashdown Hardware. Cinnepeg, Manitoba. Negative only.

Model 99. Interior cabinet along right wall showing bins of spare parts. W. Schach, White Field Service Engineer. 1940

Model 116, Fehr's Brewing Co., Ayster Point, VA.

White Horse. Suretizer Dairy Action with retouched to "White Horse".

White Horse that turned over in ditch

White Horse Demonstrator

Dougan Bros Bakery Budget

Cleveland News, Press

New York Auto Show.

Model 99 and 99-A 2 photos of trucks being loaded at the brewery. National Breweries. Panama. 1941

Dougan Bros Bakery Budget Front

City Ice and Fuel Co

Model 99 Demonstrator View of drawers to the right of and behind the driver's position. Spang's Baking Co. Cleveland, OH. 1940.

Model S-99-A View of driver's position from the right side Note redesigned dash and floor pan New Demonstrator 1941

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Model 99. Group of employees standing in front of fleet of trucks. Davis Perfection Bakeries. Los Angeles, CA. 1939.

White Horse Cylinder. Verticle View. Negative only.

Cleveland News, Press, Plain Dealer

Model 99. Left side view showing wreck damage. Mutual Milk Co., IN.1940.

White Horse Model 200. Showing interior of cab. Negative only.