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Model 618 Kings Beer Inc Brooklyn, NY

Model 618; Stake Kings Brewery Inc Brooklyn, NY

Model 640 Fisher Baking Co ; Cliff Wright Newark NJ

White Bus Model 15-45. Park Type Bus. March, 1921.

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Model 618 Winkler Motor Service Inc Chicago, IL

Model 60K, Jordan Marsh Co Boston

Model 60K 2 Views of Different Driver Seats

Expanded View of Clutch for 2A engine

White Dump Departmean of Public Works City of Philadelphia

White Model 15-45 Busses (Deluxe) Pacific Motor Transportation Co Owned by Thompson and Smith Tacoma, Wash April 1921

Model 64; Tank Standard Oil of Ohio Cleveland, OH

Model 630 Mexican Petrolium Corp

Model 60K Jordan Marsh, Boston

Model 60K, Jordan Marsh Boston

Model 620; Stake J N Walker & Son Millis, Mass

Model Nerad Bros Coal Co Chicago IL

Model 618 Railway Express Motor Transport

Model 630 tank Standard Oil Co of Indiana Chicago

Model 64 SW Coca Cola Print

Model 630 Chassis Mrs Libe & Mrs Holland Newark NJ

Model 630 Chassis Mrs Libe & Mrs Holland Newark NJ

Model 618 Chatanooga TN

Model 162 Pilsner Brewing Co Neg- High Damage

White Bus Model 15-45. Park type bus. 1921.