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Model 618; Rear Axle 14 CB

Model 618 Rear Axle; 14 CB View or Wheel End

Model 618; Rear Axle Full View

White Group, The Gulf Refining Co

Model Kraft-Phenix 3/4 Front R

Model Kraft Phenix 2 trucks

Model Kraft Phenix Model

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Chassis diagram for Model 618; diagram D-11108

Model 618; Transmission 11B

Model 618; Rear Axle 14-CB

Model 618- Chassis 186' W B

Model 618 Chassis 186" W B Neg

Model 618 Chassis 186" W B

Model 618 Chassis 186" W B

Model 618 Chassis 186" W B

White model 618; Wash Drawing Rear 14-CB emergency brake combination

Model 618 Economy Grocer Stores Corp Boston, Mass Neg

Model 618 Dump Eastern Contracting Co Boston, Mass

Model 60 K Driving Controlls

Model 60A Driving Controls

Model; 60K Driving Controlls

Model 60K Driving Controls

Model 621 Tractor Coca Cola St Louis MO

Model 61 The Merchants Biscuit Co Denver CO