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Model 643, Hoover Dam Neg and

Model 643, Hoover Dam Neg and

Model 643, Hoover Dam Neg and

Model 643, -SW410, Building Dam Neg adn

Model ,Hoover Dam

Model 58 SS View of rear axle ashowing drain and level plugs

White 5 Ton Truck, City of Cleveland Ohio, Sanitary Dept

Diagram of model 60K; Bender Body N 405

Model 58 SS Garbage Truck Unloading

Model 58 SS Garbage Truck

1920 White Model 40, 3 Ton, Montgomery Ala

Cutaway Transmission 4B - Side view Scanned from original print, negative damaged

Cutaway Transmission rear high View Neg only

10C Rear Axle Full view Neg and

10-C, Rear Axle, Full View Neg Only

10C Rear axle

Model 64 Union City Transfer Co

10-C Rear Axle, Close up ofPinion shaft and barrings Neg and Print

Model 64; Metro Cab 7/8 Front Neg- Med Damage

Model 64; Metro Cab 3/4 R Front Neg- Med-High Damage

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Warsaw Bakery Inc Boston Mass

White Model 613 Bus. Export.

Model 58 SS Garbage Drump (Chicago)

Mofel 643, Concrete Mixer, Hoover Dam