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G E Refrigerator convention

Transmission 11-B, Rear End View, Wash Drawhing Neg and

G E Refrigerator convention

G E Refrigerator convention

Model 643SW 410 Tank and Tractor Bowman Dairy

Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

White 45 The Zettelmeyer Coal Co Cleveland oH

Transmission 3BA for models 612A 3/4 R

Rear Axle 7CB Differential Carrier fo Model 612A

59A Shell One Oilfields of California

White Bus Model 53B. Injiya Motor Services, Japan.

Model 612K ; Van Gimbel Bros

Model 612 K Van Gimbal Neg- High Damage

Model 612; Van Gimbel Bros

Model 612 Gimbels Doors Open

Model 612 Gimbels Interior

Drawing; Beer delivery

White model 60K Drawingd

White model 60K drawing

Model 60K Milk Wagon Fleet Photo

Model 643 -SW Milk Trans Corp of N Y C Neg and

Model 643, Milk Tank, Dairy Men's League Co-Operative Assn Inc Neg and

Model 643, Hershey Chocolate Corp Neg and

Model 641 SW Our Own Darries Los Angeles CA

Group of Whites Wholesale Market Libby McNeill & Libby Chicago, IL