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Model Fredrick & Nelson Seattle, Wash

Model 611 Franklin Simon & Co

Model 57, Joseph Horne Co Pittsburgh PA

Model 611 The Higbee Co Cleveland OH

Model 612 The Halle Bros Co Cleveland, OH

Model 691, Tractor, 3/4 Front Neg and

Model 691, Tractor, 7/8 frot view, Neg and

Model 691, Tractor 7/8 front view Neg and

Model 691, 3/4 Front Left Neg and Print

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Model 691, Side View Neg and

Model 691, Front View, Low Neg and Pirnt

Model 691, 3/4 Rear View R Neg and

Model 691, Close up of left side Neg only

Model 691, Close up of Rear Axle Neg And

Model 162 David Buttrick Co Arlington, Mass

Model 51 AS

Model 630 T Meadow Gold Dairy Products Denver, CO

Model 643, - SW, Ptero Co , For Export Neg and

Model 643, Iraq Petro Co Neg adn

Model 643, Iraq Petro Co , for Export Neg and

Model 643 SW with Trailer, Iraq Petro Co , Neg and

White Bus Model 65A. Three views. Serial 176092.

White Model 65 Bus.

White Model 65 Bus.