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White Model 798 Bus. Louisville Railway Co.

Model 61 Bell Telephone Co of PA Harrisburgh, Pa

White Model 706M Bus. Illinois Power and Light Co.

Model DC9764SOH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Certified Transit Mix. Commack, NY.

White Model 15 Bus. Board of Education. City of Dayton. March, 1921.

Model DC75TR, tractor with driver cab and diesel engine with Fruehauf open topped trailer. Hiland Atwater. Kingston, NY. May 22, 1951.

White Model 782 Bus, super power. Washington, Marlboro, and Annapolis Motor Lines, Inc. Maryland.

White Model 54 Bus. Shaker Square. Long Beach, CA.

31669J Model U90, built for U. S. Navy, finished cab. Factory photo. September 25, 1951.

Model C65T, tractor with stainless steel cab and flatbed trailer. Edgcomb Steel Co. Philadelphia, PA.

Model DC9764SOH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Arthur Whitcomb Inc. Keene, NH.

Model A7564T, tandem axle diesel tractor with tandem axle bottom dump trailer. Hennes Trucking. Appleton, WI.

White Horse Misc. Dem & Tests. White Horse Demonstration. Negative only.

AuCr 30041D Model DC6764OH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Braen Industries. Riverdale, NJ.

White Model 788 Bus. Inter City New Jersey New York Lines.

31702B Purolator oil filter used on 447 and 501 engines. Factory photo. December 21, 1951.

White Horse Model 99. Bishop & Babcock refrigeration unit. Negative only.

White Model 788 Bus. Side Panel Construction. July, 1939.

30272B Model C6564, tandem axle straight truck with driver cab and Jaeger cement mixer body. W. E. Johnson Inc. Paoli, PA.

Model 99. 3/4 left front view with driver leaving the truck. Sylstra Bros. Wyckoff, NJ. 1939. No negative.

Model unknown. Gulf Southwestern Transportation Co. Houston, TX.

Model AP15, off road diesel cab and chassis. Factory photo.

White Model 50 Bus. Buffalo-Akron Transit Co. Buffalo, NY. 1927.

Model U90, built for U S Navy, right side of 501 engine with transmission. Factory photo Oct 3,1951

31226 Model DC10264, tandem axle diesel straight truck with tank body. Alton H. Lee. Farmington, NM.