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White Model 798 Bus. Chicago Surface Lines.

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Model DC7444T, 4 wheel drive diesel tractor. Miles & Son. Merced, CA.

White Model 798 Bus. W. V. & M. 1947.

Railcar- 2 ton. Mt. Tamalpais & Muir Woods R. R. California. 1918.

Model unknown, diesel tractor cab and chassis. Factory drawing.

White Model 788 Bus Demonstrator for Egypt.

White Horse New Demonstrator

Model DC10366SOH, tandem axle diesel tractor with 4 axle lowboy trailer. Industrial Freight Service. Ponce, Puerto Rico.

White Model 782 Bus, super power. United Electric Railway Bus Lines.

White Bus Model 54A. Washington Motor Coach System. Double Special. 1930.

Two men viewing White engine, W.F. Biehl Inc.

White, Early Dietz Bakery Fleet.

Metropolitan Transit Authority. Boston, MA. 1951.

White, advertising artwork. SEP Art.

White display tractor trailer crane truck. Promotional event.

Model 20A, truck rendering artwork.

Garage interior display of truck supplies.

White Model 788 Bus. Boston Elevated Railway.

31708B Cummins JBS-600 diesel engine, upper rear view installed in model DC65T truck. Factory photo. May 2, 1951.

White 5 Ton Truck, Yerks and Co. Yonkers, NY.

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Calendar, Allied Van Lines, Leonard Bro. Van and Storage. 1946. Negative.

Model A75T, diesel tractor with tandem axle 5,000 gallon aluminum tank trailer. Robert Carr & Sons. Malvern, PA.