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Model 99 Northland Milk Co , Minniapolis, Minn

31810 Model DC66, tandem axle cab and chassis. Ogden plant. Factory photo.

White Bus Model 50 B. Pay Enter type bus. Baker-Raulang Coaches. Memphis, TN. 1926.

31621A Model FP5075, pumper truck with deluxe cab. Minquas Fire Co. Downington, PA. June 6, 1949.

Model 643 SW, Iraq Petro Corp Neg and

Model DC10062, tandem axle straight truck with 3 axle trailer. July 30, 1945.

White Model 20 Bus. M. DeGrado. Paterson, NJ. April, 1922.

Model 20A Chassis,

WC 20. Chassis.

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Model 643 SD, Younger Bros , Huston Texas, Neg and

White Model 798 Bus. Ala Moana-Waikiki. Oahu, HI.

31761G Factory. Installing tandem rear axles onto Hendrickson suspension, Autocar factory, Ardmore, PA. 1955.

Manufacturing operations, possibly the painting process.

WA-118, Panama Railroad. Delivery truck.

Page 1 of 1940 press release on Davis Bread Co. buying 214 White Horses.

Autocar Factory, Ardmore, PA. 1955.

Model AP15, off road dump truck in quarry. Medusa Portland Cement Co. Wampum, PA.

Autocar sleeper cab. April 11, 1939.

31424C Model CK Series, long wheelbase tandem axle cab and chassis with half cab. Factory photo.

Model AP40, tandem axle diesel off road cab and chassis. Factory photo.

WC 20. Chassis.

White Model 613 Bus. Battle Creek Coach Co. September, 1932.

Model DC103DOH, diesel off road truck with Heil dump body. Palmetto Quarries Inc. Columbia, SC.

31483A Model DC9364, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Petrillo Bros. Inc. Wilmington, DE.