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Crystal Laundry

Model DC10264L, tandem axle diesel cab and chassis. Show truck. Jose Buendia. Mexico City, Mexico.

Model 20 Specifications

White 45 Cyclone Fence Co Newark NJ

Model DC10364SOH with a Hendrickson T606-1 suspension and Timken SFDD-4600 rear axles. Factory photo.

31618A Model UD, 500 gallon pumper truck. Crockett Fire District. Crockett, CA. January 6, 1940.

Model DC10366SOH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with oil field body being loaded on ship. Pure Oil Co. Chicago, IL.

Model 798. US Mail Highway Post Office.

Model J, straight truck cab and chassis. Factory photo.

31685C Model U, 50 gallon fuel tank that replaces 42 gallon round tank. Factory photo. November 21, 1950.

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Model 99. 3/4 right front view. Jacob Laub Baking Co. Cleveland, OH. 1939.

Model WA 20. 16 Ton Tipping Trailer. Sydney, Australia.

Model 620K Century Oil CO Long Beach

Model DCU70TL showing Cummins diesel engine from left front. Factory photo Mar 25, 1958

White Trucks Kauffman and Baer Co Pittsburgh, Pa

31624F Model CL65, with "8" man integral sleeper cab, interior of cab. Lakewood Fire Co. Lakewood, NY. April 16, 1954.

30305 Model DC75TRBB, tractor with driver cab and diesel engine. Hillside Transit. Milwaukee, WI. August 16, 1950.

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31703E 447 and 501 engines with dual ignition, right rear view, owned by the City of Wilmington, DE. Factory photo. January 24, 1952.

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Model unknown. Cardox Fire Truck. 1953.

Capital Transit. Washington, DC.

31036C Model DC10344, 4 wheel drive diesel cab and chassis. A. Couturier & Fils Ltd. Marseuie, Quebec, Canada.

White Model 798 Buses. San Francisco RR.