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White Horse model 116H; The Union Ice Co , Oakland CA

White Horse model 99A. Beyer, Berck, PA

Model 99-A 3/4 right front view with driver stepping out of truck Fairmont's Creamery, Cleveland, OH 1941

Model 99. View of driver's position from the rear. Telling Belle Vernon Milk Co., Cleveland, OH.1940

Model 99. Looking through open door at pie racks behind driver. Royal Pie Co. Cleveland, OH. 1939. No negative.

Model S-99-A 3/4 left front view with driver making a delivery Telling Belle Vernon Milk Co , Cleveland, OH 1941

Model 99S. Group of 3 trucks. Ogden-Schmitz Dairy Co., Chicago, IL.1940.

Model 99. Rear view with doors closed. Ward Baking Co. Cleveland, OH. 1940. No negative.

Model 99 with roll up rear door open. June 9, 1939. No negative.

Model 99 3/4 right front view with door open. O. A. Dean Dairy Co. Cleveland, OH. No negative.

Report of Inspection of 40,551 mile White Horse at Case School

Model 99-A Stand and drive model 3/4 right front view with door open 1941

Cleveland News, Press, Plain Dealer

Model 99. Right side view of driver, inside truck, reaching for order pad. Telling Belle Vernon Milk Co., Cleveland, OH.1940

White Horse Model 116. Crystal Laundry Co. Dayton, OH. Negative only.

White Horse Misc. Dem & Test. White Horse Demonstration. Negative only.

1947 White Horse. Rear view. Folding doors.

Removal - White Horse Engine Unit (1/2 Out)

Model 99. Driver's position after repairs, coated in primer. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH.1939

Models 99 and 116. 3/4 right front view of 99 and 116. Ward Baking Co. Cleveland, OH. 1940.

Model 99S. Looking into cargo compartment. Ogden-Schmitz Dairy Co., Chicago, IL.1940

Cleveland News, Press

Building Maintenance Service Inc.

Model 99 United News Co Philadelphia, Pa

The Palais Royal Store, Washington, DC