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WHite 5 TOn The Weiss and Lewis Motor Trucking Co Cleveland, Ohio

Model 65; Engine 3/4 front R

1918 White 5 Ton, Seattle Washington

White Model 65 Bus.

White Model 65 Bus. Bender Body. Print.

White 5 Ton Sprinkler and FLusher

White Model 65 Bus Body by Bender.

White Model 65 Bus Body by Bender. Nela Park, OH.

White Model 65 Bus Body by Bender. Nela Park, OH.

White 5 Ton Truck, The McCarthy Improvement Co, Davenport IA

White 1500 lb Truck United States Asbestos Co Manheim, Pa

White 5 Ton The McCarthy IMprovement Co Davenport, IA

3 Ton RHD NN-PC,

WHite 5 Ton Truck, The City Ice Co

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White 5 Ton Truck City of Binghampton, NY

Model 65-3A1 Oil pan off showing crankshaft

CIty of Binghamton NY

Model 65 Engine 3A1 Valve Rockers

Indianapolis Abatoir Co, Indianapolis Ind

Model 65 engine 3A1 Combustion Chaimber & Head

Model 65 Engine 3A1 Mechanical dasoline pump, carburator, and heater

Model 51A, The Kroger Grocery and Baking Co

White Bus 2 ton. R H D. Hugo Foerster. Brecksville, OH. 1922.

Model 56 The Fairmont Creamery Co