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Model 51A, Carnegie Steel Service

Model 20A, Dump,

Model 57 Dump Standard BUilder SUpply Co

Model 51A Dump, City of Fort Lauderdale

Model 60 - Parcel Film Tarnsit Co 3/4 Front left

Model 58, Southeastern Tranporation Co

Model 56 Graybar Electric Supply Co Buffalo NY

Model 59 Chassis

Model 59 Straight on Left side

White Model 54 Bus. Frank Martz. 1929.

White 5 Ton Truck, Union Paving Co Philadelphia, PA

Model 61 Chassis 3/4 Front Left

White Bus Model 54A. Lang Body. 1929.

model 61 Chassis 1929

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White 5 ton chassis special narrow tread

White 5 Ton Chassis - Special Narrow tread

WHite 5 TOn Chassis - special narrow tread

White 3 Ton Truck, Schultz Moving Co Cleveland, Ohio

White Trucks, Arnhold - Schaefer Brewing Co Philadelphia, Pa

White Bus Model 53B. Patten's Coach Line; Manchester. 1929

White 5 Ton Truck, Bryant Paper CO, Kalamazoo, Mich

SB Thomas Inc 15B Model

Model 60 Parcel Deluxe GW Mercer Inc Cleveland

Puget Mills CO, Seattle Washington