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Model 58 Tank AJ Novick Co Lond Distance Lauling Winchester, VA

Model 51A, Dump, Highway Dept

Blackwood's Hurry Con, HI TEs Gas and Oils

Model 58 Van, Binyon - O'Keefe, Fireproof Storage

Model 58 Van, Merchants Fast Motor Lines

Model 58 Van, AP Co Boston Mass

MOdel 54 Van, The VD Manufacturing Corporation, Baltimore MD

White, Campbell's Creek Coal Co ,

Model 20A,

White 5 Ton Truck Walton Kokomo, Ind

Model 58 Meyer Refrigerator Ice Cream Body

Model 58, Meyer Refrigerator Ice Cream Body

MOdel 51A, Burrell Milk Tank

Model 15 with Adv Body, McCormick and Co Baltimore, MD

Model 20A,

Model 56 Ice Cream Body

Model 15, Union Gas and Electric Cincinnati Ohio

Model 58 MIlk Tank 3/4 Left Side

Model 51, PO Electric Co, Yougstown, Ohio

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Model 57 HM Woodburn and Co

Model 56 Tank United Gulf Oil Corps

Model 52 Tank, Standard Oil Co of NYC

Model 51A, Knutchsen Fast Freight

Model 51A, THe Cleveland Metal Bed Co