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Model 59 - 6 Wheeler Tank and Trailer

Model 59 Tractor Bowman Dairy Co

Lato 1928 Highland Cab, 3/4 Front View

White Bus Model 53B. Export Dept of Brazil. 929

Winch Type Aparatus, Boston Iron and Steel Metal Co, Baltimore Md

Model 52 With 4 Trailers, Owned by Cincinnati Street Cleaning Dept

Model 52 Dumps with Borrgmore Mixer

Model 51A, Stake Co

Model 45 DUmp

White 5 Ton Truck THe Blake Motor Trucking Co Cleveland Ohio

Model 60 Chassis with Metro Cab 3/4 Front Left

Model 50A, The Crane Co, Chicago ILL

Model 45 Dump, Franklin Brothers

Nathan E Young, Road COntrator, Cooks Falls, NY

Model 45, THe Bulders Supply Co

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Model 51A, Gridley Dairy Co. Milwaukee, WI

White Bus Model 53B. City of Buffalo Dept of Public Safety. 1929

MOdel 58, Moving Van, Lake shore moving and storage co cleveland ohio

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Southwestern Bell Co,

Southwestern Bell Telephone Co

Model 54A, Chassis, 3/4 Left front view

White Bus Model 54A Chassis. Standard.