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White 3 Ton Truck, New York Telephone Co, NYC

White 5 Ton Truck American Agricultural Chemical Co Cleveland, Ohio

White Trucks The Cleveland And Sandusky Brewing Co Cleveland, Ohio

Model 51A, Ashland County Commission Minn, Snow Plow Attached

Model 51A, Armour and Co, Chicago

Model 51 Dump Newton Beach

Model 51T American Can Co

White 5 Ton Truck, Blake Motor Trucking Co Cleveland OHio

White 5 Ton Truck, BLake Motor Trucking Co, Cleveland, Ohio

5 TON,

5 TON,

White t Ton Truck, Blake Motor Trucking Co, Cleveland, OHIO

Print, Wards TipTop Bread

Model 52, The McCrady Transit Co, MIxed Concrete

Model 40 Tank, The Ault and Wiborg Co

Model 15B Chassis

Gast Brewery, St Louis MO,

Model 15B Chassis

Drawing, Bender Body De Luxe Delivery Truck

Model 59 - 6 Wheeler Tank and Trailer

Model 59 Tractor Bowman Dairy Co

Lato 1928 Highland Cab, 3/4 Front View

White Bus Model 53B. Export Dept of Brazil. 929

Winch Type Aparatus, Boston Iron and Steel Metal Co, Baltimore Md