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White Model 54 Bus. King Bothers, owners Dayton-Lebanon-Cincinnati. 1927.

White Model 788 Bus. Venezuela.

The White Motor Company Service Station.

Model AP25, Diesel Off Road Cab and Chassis. Factory Photo, Multiple Gentlemen Inspecting Tractor.

Wichita White Truck Sales, Parts and Service Center.

Model DC75TRBB, Diesel Tractor with Driver Cab. E. & F. Construction Co. April 7, 1953.

Unknown Vehicle Featuring Wheels at Front and Bulldozer Drive at Rear. Possible for Construction or Military Use.

White Trucks Sales and Service Center.

White Model 706M Bus. Illinois Power and Light Service.

White Horse model 116

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Model GB, tandem axle straight truck with tank body pulling tank body. Dealer photo. 1930.

Model DC10364SOH, tandem axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. Braen Industries. Riverdale, NJ.

White Horse. Blow torch test.

Quick removable cab on U70 and U90 models, left side of engine from rear with cab removed. Factory photo. June 21, 1951

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White Bus Model 54A Deluxe, three views. Prescott's Bus Line. 1925. Print.

Model DC75T, diesel tractor with drop deck van trailer. Colonial Cakes. Texas.

Model C85T, tractor with driver cab and Trailmobile tank trailer. A. Battista. Brooklyn, NY. April 15, 1953.

31337B Model A7564T, tandem axle diesel tractor with aluminum cab and tandem axle tank trailer. H. C. Lewis Oil Co. Welch, WV.

White Model 798 Bus. Royal Blue Coaches. Newark, NJ.

Model 116. Surry Dairies. Mt. Airy, NC. Negative only.

31674B Model U, air separator seen from right front. Factory photo. August 10, 1951.

White Model 54 Bus. Utah Parks Co. Union Pacific Overland System. Coal Canyon.

Railcar- Model 40-45. Jonesboro, Lake City & Eastern Railroad. Jonesboro, AR. 1922.