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Model 59 Milk Tank, Bowmans Diary

Model with Tank, Bowman Dairy Co

Model 51A Stake, Beacon Oil Co

Model 56 Boston Forwarding and Transfer Co Boston

Model 56 Stake Body The Collier Barnett Co Toledo, Ohio

Model 60, Chassis

White Trucks HH Hadder & Cp, Oakland

White 3 Ton, Truck THe Villson Ave Lumber Co

Model 60 Coca Cola 78 Casebody

White 5 TON Truck, The Builders Sand Co, Cleveland OHIO

Double Reduction Gear Drive,

Model 65- Chassis 3/4 Front R

Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

Caption Missing. Click to us identify this photograph.

Model 65, Chassis View Right Side Image taken from front of chassis

Model 65 Chassis View of front axle, engine, dashboard, and steering mechanism

Model 65; Chassis View of right side of engine in frame

Model 65 Chassis Left side of engine

White Model 15-45 Busses (Deluxe) Pacific Motor Transportation Co Owned by Thompson and Smith Tacoma, Wash April 1921

WHite 5 TOn The Weiss and Lewis Motor Trucking Co Cleveland, Ohio

Model 65; Engine 3/4 front R

1918 White 5 Ton, Seattle Washington

White Model 65 Bus.

White Model 65 Bus. Bender Body. Print.

White 5 Ton Sprinkler and FLusher