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Model DC10366SOH, long wheelbase tandem axle diesel with oil field body being loaded on ship. Pure Oil Co. Chicago, IL.

Model HB2001D Sterling White, straight truck with quarry type dump body. Bethlehem Steel Co. Cornwall, PA. 1952.

White Model 798 Buses. San Francisco RR.

WA 22

Model C70T, tractor with driver cab and Fruehauf van trailer. Spartan Grain & Mill Co. Spartanburg, SC. September 12, 1951.

Model 61 Chassis 196" W B

White Model 788 Bus. Super Power Motor Coach. Nashville Coach Co. September, 1940.

Police Patrol

White Model 15 Bus. GBBE. The Lynnfield Community Bus Line. Lynnfield, MA. 1920.

White Bus Model 53B front right side view 1926

31397A Model DC9364, tri-axle diesel straight truck with cement mixer body. E. K. Concrete. Newton Falls, OH.

Cleveland News, Press, Plain Dealer

White Horse with pie wagon rear door.

White Model 45 diagram

Model C40, tractor with deluxe cab and 3425 gallon tank trailer built by Pike Trailer Co. Korn Oil Co. Los Angeles, CA. August 21, 1940.

White Model 54 Bus. Interstate Transit Lines. Omaha, NE. 1927.

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White-Freightliner emblem.

PTO control cable for top mounted PTO on BL8031C aux transmission. Factory photo. March 6, 1952.

Model DC75T, diesel tractor with tandem axle tank trailer. Hill Ridge Coal Corp. Birmingham, AL.

31423J Model DF Series, low, half cab forward 3 axle aircraft refueler cab and chassis. Factory photo.

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31374 Model DC9964OHNES, tandem axle diesel straight truck with dump body. H. T. Farmer. Washington, DC.

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White Horse steering mechanism