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Model 99. 3/4 left front view with driver putting case in truck. Loving's Guernsey Dairy, CO.1940

White Horse Welding Tests

The American Linen Co. Minneapolis, Minn

Page 6 of White Horse test.

White Horse. Export, Loading on ship.

White Horse Fire Carrier, 2 in 1. Spang Bakery.

WH, Standard Newspaper Service. Negative only.

Belle Vernon Milk. Action View of Delivery.

Model 99. Front view showing repairs being done. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH.1939

Model 99. 3/4 left front view showing the damage. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH.1939

Model 99. 3/4 right front view with driver making a delivery. The Canteen Co., Cleveland, OH.1940.

Model 99. View from the rear looking through the open doors. The Canteen Co., Cleveland, OH.1940.

Page 3 of 1940 press release on Davis Bread Co. buying 214 White Horses.

Model 116S, The Park Laundry Co., Long Island City, NY

White Horse used for emergency fire truck. San Francisco, CA.

G.W. Mercer Inc.; Model 116

AV Robinson Milk &Cream, Roselindale, MA, 119. Reverse Image.

Model S-99-A Right Side View with Door closed Newark Demonstrator, 1941.

Model 99; Belle Vernon Co., Canteen Delivery Truck/Van with Delivery Man.

White Horse at NY Auto Show.

Model 99. Left Front End View, Under Repair. Royal Pie Co., Cleveland, OH .1939.

Homestead Bread; Oakland CA

White Horse model 116

Model 99. Fleet of 36 trucks parked along the street at Ward's bakery. Ward Baking Co., Cleveland, OH.1940

Model 99 Demonstrator being loaded in to a rail car. 1939.