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Model 99. 3/4 right front view with 2 men looking at newspapers. Cleveland Press, Cleveland, OH.1940

Galena Park School Bus with 280 engine.

Model 99 Row of 8 trucks lined up beside a building R W Jones Dairy, Buffalo, NY 1941

Railcar. Rucker Bros. Everett, WA. 1915.

White Model Ambulance. Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA.

White Model 53 Bus. Black Hills, SD.

White Model 798 Bus. North Shore Line. Chicago. 1948.

Kenworth Early Black & White Image of Tractor Trailer, Pioneer Freight Line.

Kenworth Interesting Black & White Image of Early Tractor Trailer, Carnation Farm Products.

Kenworth Black & White Image of Restored Early Open Bed Truck Model with Wood Slat Sides.

Kenworth Black & White Image of Early Tanker, Interesting Structure in Background.

Kenworth Tractor Only Pictured in Parking Lot, Front View. No Additional Information Available.

Kenworth Unique Image of Tractor with Triple-Trailer Hauling a Very Large Number of Cut Logs.

Kenworth Tractor with Open-Top Trailer.

Kenworth Tractor Trailer, J.A. Sharoff and Co.

Kenworth Black & White Image of Dump Truck in the Unloading Stage. C&M Enterprises, Inc.

Kenworth Black & White Image of Six Tractor Trailer Rigs, All Designated as "Amway", Parked in a Column, Bumper to Bumper.

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1975 Diamond REO C-119 owned by Mark Welte

1956 Ford F-750 owned by Timothy Hoover

2006 Ravens FLATBED owned by Andrew Brinker

1969 Peterbilt 288TA owned by Bob Bruce

1994 Landoll 317C owned by Bobby Gilbreath